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CMLTO Scope of Practice Survey is now open!

02 June 2023

The CMLTO is inviting all Medical Laboratory Technologists or medical laboratory assistants/technicians in Ontario to participate in a survey to inform the College about the important tasks and duties they perform in the laboratory. This will inform the College about how the profession has changed over time. Please note that this survey is for those working in Ontario ONLY.

This survey has 15 questions and should take you less than 10 minutes to complete. Please note this survey is voluntary, and responses are anonymous (i.e., no responses will be linked to an individual). Please complete this survey no later than July 31, 2023. Your participation is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, please contact the Quality Assurance department by email at qualityassurance@cmlto.com.

o access the survey, follow this link: CMLTO 2023 Scope of Practice Survey (surveymonkey.ca)

CMLTO Professional Conduct Webinar

11 May 2023

As part of the CMLTO’s ongoing effort to share information about the responsibilities of MLTs as they relate to their Professional Conduct, the College is pleased to announce an upcoming webinar on May 31, 2023, from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m.

In the webinar, CMLTO Professional Conduct staff will provide an overview of the various conduct processes that impact MLT practice. The presentation will be followed by a brief Question & Answer period. For those who cannot attend the live session, the webinar will be recorded and posted on the CMLTO website and social media channels.

Click here to register for the webinar. 

Restricted Title Designation for MLTs

08 May 2023

The formal designation of “Medical Laboratory Technologist” or “MLT” is a protected title as defined in the Medical Laboratory Technology Act, 1991 (MLT Act).

The MLT Act states: Restricted titles 9. (1) No person other than a member shall use the title “medical laboratory technologist”, a variation or abbreviation or an equivalent in another language. 1991, c. 28, s. 9 (1). This includes:

  • It is prohibited for anyone who is not a registrant of the College to use the title Medical Laboratory Technologist or any variation of that title, including MLT.
  • Individuals not registered with the CMLTO, including those who have successfully passed medical laboratory science programs or exams, are not authorized to use the title MLT until they are fully registered with the CMLTO or another applicable College.
  • Terms such as “non-registered MLT” or “unregistered MLT” should not be used for those under clinical placement or training under supervision.
  • Any individual holding a position that includes MLT in their job title or description must be registered with the CMLTO first prior to using the restricted title.
  • Employers are strongly encouraged to state in their job offer letters that the Medical Laboratory Technologist position is to be only started upon employees’ registration with the CMLTO.

CAMLPR Press Release: Flexible Pathways to Registration for Medical Laboratory Technologists

14 April 2023

It was announced that on April 12, 2023, the Canadian Alliance of Medical Laboratory Professionals Regulators (CAMLPR) along with the Government of Canada will be taking steps to speed up and enhance the registration of medical laboratory technologists (MLTs). The project, undertaken on behalf of the provincial regulatory bodies, will help address an anticipated shortage of MLTs over the next ten years, helping to achieve one of the government’s overall objectives: increasing the supply of qualified health professionals in Canada.
We encourage you to read the Canadian Alliance of Medical Laboratory Professionals Regulators (CAMLPR) press release, available here.

National Med Lab Week 2023

09 April 2023

The CMLTO recognizes National Med Lab Week this year, which is running between April 9 – April 15, and is intended to encourage all Canadians to grow their understanding and appreciation of the Medical Laboratory profession.

Medical Laboratory Professionals play a pivotal role in delivering safe, high-quality patient care and producing test results that are integral to the diagnosis and treatment of countless health conditions.

Please consult the following Lab Week resources:

The CMLTO will be sharing National Med Lab Week 2023 information via our social media channels. Please follow our Twitter and LinkedIn accounts for ideas about how you can engage with National Med Lab Week this year.

For access to the City of Toronto Proclamation on National Med Lab Week 2023, please download and consult the PDF document here

For more information on how to directly participate in National Med Lab Week, including access to the CSMLS Lab Week toolkit, follow this link: NMLW2023 | Members Area (csmls.org)

For access to information about the MLPAO Labs Save Lives campaign, intended to put a face to the integral work that lab professionals achieve, click here: Labs Save Lives | MLPAO

CMLTO releases the 2022 CPMF Report

27 March 2023

Ontario health regulatory Colleges exist to protect the public interest. To help the public understand how well Colleges are doing their job and to help continually improve accountability, transparency and oversight, all Colleges are reporting on their work in the College Performance Measurement Framework (CPMF) Reporting Tool. The new tool was developed by the Ministry of Health, together with Ontario’s health regulatory Colleges, subject matter experts, and the public.

You can learn more about the Reporting Tool and the process by clicking here.

Read or download the CMLTO CPMF Report for 2022

CMLTO Social Media Launch

16 February 2023

The CMLTO is pleased to officially announce its presence on social media. We encourage you to follow our Twitter and LinkedIn channels to receive timely information on College activities, industry updates, and news items relevant to the Laboratory profession.

Prior to engaging with our social media channels, you are strongly encouraged to consult the following resources to ensure safe, effective, and professional interactions with the College via social media:

We are looking forward to this expansion of our digital presence and encourage all who engage with our channels to do so with respect, professionalism, and curiosity

New CMLTO By-Law

23 December 2022

The CMLTO Consolidated By-Laws came into effect on December 31, 1994 and underwent many amendments since then to ensure that they remained consistent with legislation.

Based on external and internal consultation and a comprehensive review of the CMLTO Consolidated By-Laws in March 2022, CMLTO undertook a fundamental rewrite of the By-Laws.

The new CMLTO By-Law has been developed pursuant to Section 94 (1) of the Health Professions Procedural Code, being Schedule 2 of the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 by taking into consideration the following reference documents:

1. Current Legislation,

2. Ministry of Health – College Performance Management Framework (CPMF),

3. By-Laws of 25 Health Regulatory Colleges, and

4. CMLTO Governance Documents.

At its September meeting, the CMLTO Board of Directors approved the New CMLTO By-Law in principle, for circulation to Registrants for a minimum of sixty (60) days pursuant to Section 94 (2) of the Health Professions Procedural Code.

The New CMLTO By-Law was circulated to Registrants on September 22, 2022 for consultation for sixty (60) days. All feedback received as a result of this consultation has been compiled and presented to the Board of Directors prior to its final deliberations in December.

At its meeting on December 1, 2022, the Board of Directors revoked the CMLTO Consolidated By-Laws and all previous by-laws relating to the administration of the affairs of the CMLTO and approved the New CMLTO By-Law.

The New CMLTO By-Law can be accessed here.
Accéder à une copie française du les règlements administratifs ici


Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Justice: Where We Stand

13 December 2022

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Justice

Recognizing the significant impact of equity, diversity, inclusion and justice matters in our society and the potential for impacts and implications for all Boards of Directors, including those in the health regulatory sector, the CMLTO Board of Directors has set the following goal:


“To begin, together as a Board, the learning process around Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Justice matters including the issues/concerns, the impact and action needed by the Board, and the related influence/direction the Board wishes to have on CMLTO as an organization.”


The CMLTO Board of Directors embedded this in its work and planning for 2022 and beyond to further understand these important concepts and the resulting values which should become part of CMLTO’s core beliefs, organizational DNA, and way of doing business.

As a direct result of their work on these important topics this year, the Board approved an Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Justice Plan, which can be found here.

An action plan based on the Board’s principles will be established in 2023 to advance the Board’s focus. This plan will be released publicly as it is developed and approved to ensure that the public, registrants and all stakeholders understand the Board’s direction transparently.

Feedback regarding the CMLTO Board of Director’s equity, diversity, inclusion and justice principles, and plan are welcome from the public, registrants and stakeholders at any time.

Please send your questions, comments and feedback to executiveoffice@cmlto.com.

Governance Modernization at the CMLTO

13 December 2022

In late 2021, the CMLTO Board expressed an interest in taking a step back and regrouping its efforts in relation to governance modernization. This was done to complement the incremental progression made in the past (e.g. Bylaw changes) in governance modernization, with a desire to move forward a more wholistic agenda of governance modernization.

In 2022, the Board has had the opportunity to discuss potential changes using a principle-based approach. Their work this year has led to a set of Governance Modernization Principles which can be found here.

A longitudinal plan for governance modernization, anchored to these principles, will be developed by the Board in 2023, and beyond. This plan will be released publicly as it is developed and approved to ensure that the public, registrants and all stakeholders understand the Board’s direction transparently.

Feedback regarding the CMLTO Board of Director’s Governance Modernization Principles, and plan are welcome from the public, registrants and stakeholders at any time.

Please send your questions, comments and feedback to executiveoffice@cmlto.com.