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Draft Scope of Practice for Registered Medical Laboratory Technicians Released

01 April 2011

The College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario (CMLTO) continues to pursue the regulation of medical laboratory assistants and medical laboratory technicians.

In 2010:

A draft Scope of Practice Statement for Registered Medical Laboratory Technicians has now been released. The draft scope of practice statement for medical laboratory assistants and medical laboratory technicians is a fundamental part of this initiative as it facilitates the clear identification of which practitioners the CMLTO is addressing.

In 2011, the CMLTO and the Advisory Working Group will focus on establishing criteria for voluntary rostering for medical laboratory assistants and medical laboratory technicians.

We encourage individuals to share this information with their medical laboratory assistant and medical laboratory technician colleagues so they too can become, or remain, engaged.

CSMLS Launches National Med Lab Week Commercial

04 March 2011

The Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS) has launched a National Medical Laboratory Week commercial at www.knowingmatters.ca.  Please visit the site and help continue to raise public awareness of medical laboratory professionals!

CMLTO Releases 2010 Membership Statistics Report

10 February 2011

The College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario (CMLTO) is proud to announce the release of its second annual Medical Laboratory Technologist Health Human Resource Exploration report. This report is an analysis of the 2010 CMLTO membership database, reporting on such areas as MLT practice, employment facility and status, and the provision of MLT education.

Health human resource planning in many cases is informed and supported by health professional demographic and practice-specific data. Please feel free to contact John Tzountzouris, Senior Policy and Knowledge Management Specialist, at jtzountzouris@cmlto.com should you have an interest in the data presented in this report, or if you have a specific MLT health human resource data need you would like to discuss.

CMLTO Trust Your Test Awareness Campaign

17 May 2010

Members of the MLT profession know the key role they perform in the health care system – now members of the public will have a greater understanding too.

In early December, the College launched a public awareness campaign designed to explain the role of MLTs, generate confidence in the professionals who produce lab test results, and reinforce the College’s role in self-regulation and public protection.

The campaign has two elements: information cards that select lab facilities across Ontario will display on a pilot basis (pilot locations and card images appear below) and related web pages that outline who carries out lab tests, what these tests mean, and who protects the public's right to quality test results ( www.publicprotection.ca and www.trustyourtest.com).

We hope all CMLTO members will spread the word of this initiative to recognize the importance of medical lab tests being performed by self-regulating professionals who are held to the highest standards. To learn more about the campaign, please contact CMLTO Corporate Communications.

Public protection postcard

Trust your test post card

The pilot campaign has been launched at the following locations:
Lake of the Woods District Hospital
London Health Sciences Centre - multiple sites
Sioux Lookout Meno-Ya-Win Health Centre
Peterborough Regional Health Centre
Riverside Health Care Facilities, Inc.