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Patient Relations

The College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario (CMLTO) was created to regulate the medical laboratory technology profession in the public interest. An important component in fulfilling that mandate is the CMLTO Patient Relations Program (PRP).

The PRP includes all initiatives aimed at:

  • Improving the public’s understanding of the profession and the vital role that medical laboratory technologists (MLTs) play in ensuring positive patient outcomes.
  • Providing the public with easy access to information needed to understand that role and to access CMLTO services.
  • Improving the public’s understanding of the role of the CMLTO in regulating MLTs.
  • Supporting members in their efforts to promote positive patient relations by providing up-to-date standards of practice and guidelines.

In addition to the Patient Relations Program, the CMLTO has a Patient Relations Committee. Its primary objectives focus on the CMLTO’s sexual abuse prevention plan, as required by the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 (RHPA). These objectives include the following:

  • Promoting a policy of zero tolerance towards all aspects of sexual abuse as identified in the RHPA.
  • Providing guidelines and learning resources for members, like those listed below, to prevent and eradicate sexual abuse and support excellence in patient/member relations.
  • Administering and evaluating the effectiveness of the fund for therapy and counselling for patients who have been sexually abused.
  • Identifying other issues and trends that are important to maintaining excellent patient relations.

If you have any suggestions or require further information about the CMLTO Patient Relations Program of the CMLTO Patient Relations Committee, please contact the CMLTO Director, Professional Conduct at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Sexual Abuse Prevention Resources
The following resources are intended to support members of the public and registrants of the College with relation to the prevention of sexual abuse:
Find an MLT

Health Profession Regulators of Ontario (HPRO)
Health Profession Regulators of Ontario (HPRO) are the organizations that are committed to the protection of clients/patients in the public interest.

Members of the public are able to access relevant and up-to-date information about Ontario Colleges and the health professionals they regulate on the HPRO website here

We also invite you to view a short video about the important work that HPRO achieves here