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Highlights from CMLTO Board Meeting on December 11 and 12, 2023

The CMLTO Board took the following actions at its meeting on December 11, 2023:
  • Reviewed the results of the 2023 Board Effectiveness Self-Evaluation Feedback
  • Approved the Minutes of the September 14 & 15, 2023 CMLTO Board Meetings
  • Approved the monitoring reports from the following Statutory Committees:
    • Inquiries, Complaints & Reports Committee
    • Registration Committee
    • Quality Assurance Committee
    • Patient Relations Committee
  • Accepted the Board Chair's Incidental Briefing Report
  • Accepted the Academic Member's Incidental Briefing Report
  • Accepted the Board Governance Scorecard – (Q3) 2023
  • Received an update on CMLTO Governance Modernization Plan
  • Received an update on Reflection of Public Interest in Regulatory & Governance
  • Received an update on the CMLTO By-Law Gap Analysis
  • Incidental Reports from three Board and Committee Members who attended External Events (HPRO Discipline Orientation Sessions, Govern for Impact Conference)
  • Received the Board Mentor Program Report from P. McLeman
  • Accepted the Registrar & CEO's Report on Nominations for 2024 Board Officer Positions
  • Elected the 2024 CMLTO Board Officers
    • Karen Persad- 2024 CMLTO Board Chair
    • Helen Meaney- 2024 CMLTO Board Vice Chair, Professional
    • Walter Hewus- 2024 CMLTO Board Vice Chair, Public
  • Approved the proposed amendments to the CMLTO By-Law regarding Emergency Class of Registration
  • Approved the Registrar & CEO's High Level Ends Monitoring Reports re:
    • High Level Ends Policy 1 – Public Trust in Health Professions Regulation
    • High Level Ends Policy 2 – Accountable Professionals
    • High Level Ends Policy 3 – Effective Regulation with the Health System: Updated from the September Board Meeting
  • Approved the Registrar & CEO's Executive Limitations Monitoring Report re:
    • EL II-9 Investment Policy
    • EL II-11 Financial Condition Policy
    • EL II-20 Signing Authority / Authorization of Expenditures Policy
    • EL II-45 Communications & Support to Board Policy
  • Received an update on EL II-10 Financial Planning and Budget Cycle Policy – Revised 2024 CMLTO Budget
  • Provided feedback to the Registrar & CEO regarding High Level Ends and Executive Limitations Policies monitored at the December meeting
  • Accepted the Registrar & CEO's Incidental/Environmental Scan Report
  • Received the Registrar & CEO Performance Appraisal Self-Assessment Presentation
  • Received an orientation on Registrar & CEO 2023 Performance Evaluation Planning
The CMLTO Board took the following actions at its meeting on December 12, 2023:
  • Participated in an orientation session on CMLTO Governance Approach: Policy Governance Framework / System Module 5 – Board Leader Character and the Dynamic/ Culture of the Board
  • Approved the CMLTO Board Competency Framework and Profile
  • Received a presentation on Assessment of Quality for Alternative Education
  • Received an Update on rationale and current strategies to achieve regulation of medical laboratory assistants and technicians in Ontario
  • Received a presentation on CAMLPR Gateway & Flexible Pathways Projects
  • Approved the Registrar & CEO 2024 Ends Interpretation
  • Had a discussion on Part 1 Planning: 2024 Integrated Board Strategic Agenda and Board Goals
  • Reviewed and approved amendments to four Governance Process Policies: 
    • GP IV-20.05 Executive Committee Terms of Reference and Mandate Policy
    • GP IV-120 Board Member Attendance at External Events Policy
    • GP IV-135 Disclosure of Information Policy
    • GP IV-141 Organization Designated to Approve a Course of Study in Medical Laboratory Technology for CMLTO Registration Policy
  • Approved the Board Monitoring Report re the Board's compliance with:
    • GP IV-16 Guidelines for Academic Member/Role Description Policy
    • GP IV-80 Board Code of Conduct, Confidentiality, and Conflict of Interest Policy
    • BSR III-25 Registrar & CEO Compensation Program Policy
    • BSR III-25.05 Registrar & CEO Compensation Program: Structure and Administration Policy
  • Recognized Departing Board Member, John Kurvink

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