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CMLTO Resources for the Prevention of Sexual Abuse

The CMLTO acknowledges the vast and devastating impacts of sexual violence. For example, sexual violence impacts 1 in 3 women, and 1 in 8 men in Ontario alone. Unfortunately, the healthcare space is not exempt from sexual misconduct and violence.

As part of its mandate to protect the public, the CMLTO has developed and compiled extensive resources for both members of the public and Medical Laboratory Technologists to provide educational tools and resources about sexual abuse within the medical laboratory space. These resources include:

In addition, the CMLTO Patient Relations Committee has developed a policy on the administration of funds for therapy and counselling, which you can access here.

We invite you to consult these resources for a holistic understanding of how the CMLTO proactively protects the public through educating and supporting registrants practice. If you or anyone you know requires support because of sexual abuse, we invite you to visit the Government of Ontario website for more information about Sexual Violence itself, who is most impacted, and where to get help: Sexual violence | Ontario.ca

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