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Practice Improvement Self-assessment Module (PRISM)

qap_symbol_and_noticeThe Practice Improvement Self-assessment Module (PRISM) is a jurisprudence activity focussed on sharing practice requirements and information with CMLTO members. Each year, the module will focus on a specific topic related to the practice of medical laboratory technology. The module consists of a short video followed by a few multiple-choice questions.

The module is part of the Professional Portfolio’s self-assessment section. Practising members will complete the module each year as part of their Stage 1 submission which is due by March 31st.

CMLTO PRISM quiz, 2021
OTLMO PRISM Questionnaire: 2021 (PDF)

CMLTO PRISM presentation transcript (PDF)
OTLMO PRISM transcription de la présentation (PDF)