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Updated CMLTO Guidelines released

The CMLTO Guidelines for the supervision of medical laboratory science program students in clinical placements (click here for PDF) apply to CMLTO members involved in directing, guiding, instructing, training or mentoring students in clinical settings. The updated guidelines clarify, within Ontario's professional regulatory framework, the general expectations for MLTs supervising students’ clinical placements in accredited medical laboratory science programs. 

The CMLTO Retraining Guidelines for medical laboratory technologists (click here for PDF) apply to MLTs currently authorized to practice in a given specialty, and who self-identify a need for retraining. When engaging in retraining, MLTs must ensure the public is protected from harm. The updated guideline helps to ensure MLTs involved in retraining activities can practise competently, safely, and ethically, minimizing the risk of harm to patients.

All CMLTO guidelines documents are located here.

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