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CMLTO registration class, employment status and professional obligations

All MLTs are reminded that their employment status does not have an effect on their professional obligations to meet the CMLTO Quality Assurance Program (QAP) requirements.
There are two classes of CMLTO member registration:
  • Practising – Members have met all the registration requirements (education, examination, active engagement in the profession) and are able to practise without restriction (except those members who are subject to terms, conditions, and limitations on their certificate of registration).
  • Non-practising – Members have met the CMLTO registration requirements, but are not permitted to practise.
All CMLTO members who hold a Practising certificate of registration must fulfill their professional obligations regardless of their employment status, including meeting the QAP requirements. Practising members are obligated to complete 30 hours of professional development annually, maintain a complete Professional Portfolio, and participate in audits if selected. Practising members who are unemployed or who take parental, sick, or compassionate leave from their jobs must fulfill their professional obligations, including completing the QAP requirements even though they are not working.
  • A member taking parental leave who maintains Practising registration is required to complete 30 hours of professional development despite not working.
  • A member taking a sick leave who maintains Practising registration may be randomly selected to take part in a QAP audit.
Practising members who anticipate a change in employment status may choose to change their registration class to Non-practising with a view to returning to Practising in the future. Please note that certain criteria must be met in order to change classes from Non-practising to Practising. You can find more information by clicking here.
  • A Practising member taking a parental leave chooses to change to Non-practising because she or he will not be working during the leave period.
  • A Practising member is moving out of Ontario for two years so chooses to change to Non-practising class.
In both of these cases, the member will not be required to meet QAP requirements, until they change their registration class back to Practising. Members who resign or retire from their employment, remain as Practising members until they notify the College of their intention to resign as a CMLTO member. As long as they maintain their Practising registration class, they must fulfill their professional obligations.
Failure to complete the annual registration renewal process does not constitute resigning from the College.
  • Members who cease working as MLTs and do not renew their registration or resign their membership will be suspended due to non-payment of fees.
The CMLTO annually publishes a list of those suspended for non-payment, and suspensions are noted in the Public Register. Contact CMLTO Registration for more information about registration classes by calling 416.861.9605 or 1.800.323.9672 (toll-free in Canada), extension 1; or emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Click here
to read or download a PDF which outlines the registration classes’ requirements and restrictions.

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