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Consultations & feedback

As part of its public protection mandate, the CMLTO is strongly committed to transparency and ensuring that its regulatory processes and information about members can be accessed easily by the public, by applicants, and medical laboratory technologists (MLTs). Additionally, the CMLTO is committed to engaging with the public about the College’s role in public protection.

From time to time, the CMLTO Council seeks comments and feedback from members, medical laboratory sector stakeholders and employers, and the public regarding College strategic initiatives or proposed amendments to the CMLTO Consolidated Bylaws via formal consultation periods.

Details about current consultation periods or outreach initiatives and how to respond will be listed on this page below.

The CMLTO welcomes comments, questions, and feedback at all times, even when formal consultations or outreach initiatives are not underway.

You may contact CMLTO at any time by emailing or completing the online feedback form below. If you would like a direct response, please be sure to include your email address or phone number in the online feedback form.

How the CMLTO handles feedback
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Formal consultation process map
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Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Current consultations:

None at this time.

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