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CMLTO announced the formation of a Regulation of Medical Laboratory Assistants and Medical Laboratory Technicians Advisory Working Group (AWG) in June 2010. 

The AWG includes medical laboratory technologists, assistants and technicians who are involved in testing, management, education and professional advocacy. The group influences the goal of regulating medical laboratory assistants and technicians, guided by specific objectives set for each phase of the project.

Between May 2010 and August 2011, the AWG:

  • Assisted in the development of a scope of practice for medical laboratory assistants and medical laboratory technicians.

  • Assited in developing criteria for voluntary rostering of medical laboratory assistants and medical laboratory technicians.

A reconvened (starting August 2013) AWG will:

  • Assist in developing policies, procedures and processes (application, quality assurance, and conduct) for the Registered Medical Laboratory Technician Voluntary Roster.
  • Assist in the development of Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics for Registered Medical Laboratory Technicians included on the Voluntary Roster, as well as other professional practice resource documents as appropriate.
Founding AWG members
as of June 2010
Current AWG members
as of August 2013 
Carrie Dingman Karim Bhaloo
Mary Golba-Bylhouwer Melissa Elliott
Angela Jackson-Lee Mary Golba-Bylhouwer
Jan Maxwell Angela Jackson-Lee
Helen Meaney Jan Maxwell
Ionela Mitroi Helen Meaney
Brandi Murray Ionela Mitroi
Lorna Nawalaniec Brandi Murray
Christine Nielsen Lorna Pedneault
Valerie Rychlik Christine Nielsen
Melissa Smith Valerie Rychlik
Andrea Tjahja Andrea Tjahja

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