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Voluntary Roster

Until such time that medical laboratory assistants and technicians are regulated health professionals in Ontario, the CMLTO Voluntary Roster of Registered Medical Laboratory Technicians will serve the public interest by confirming they have voluntarily met a certain level of education and professional practice criteria. On October 1, 2015, the CMLTO launched its Voluntary Roster of Registered Medical Laboratory Technicians.

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For detailed information about the Voluntary Roster criteria and application process, click here. (PDF)

Voluntary Roster application process
Voluntary Roster process map
Those individuals who successfully meet the criteria for registration on the voluntary roster will be granted access to the designation of "Registered Medical Laboratory Technician" (Technicien(ne) de Laboratoire Médical Autorisé(e)) or "Registered Medical Laboratory Assistant" (Assistant(e) de Laboratoire Médical Autorisé(e)). Please refer to this disclaimer for further information.


Read the FAQ for more information about the initiative.

Read the FAQ (PDF) about the Voluntary Roster developed specifically for employers.

Click here (PDF) to download the Voluntary Roster Application Guarantor Form.

Each year, every Registered Medical Laboratory Technician is encouraged to maintain an up-to-date CMLTO Professional Portfolio. The Professional Portfolio helps Voluntary Roster affiliates maintain their professional excellence by promoting ongoing self-reflection and development. The Professional Portfolio enables affiliates to set measurable goals toward continuous improvement and enhanced professional practice.

The link to the CMLTO VR Professional Portfolio is emailed to all Voluntary Roster affiliates at the beginning of each year. If you are a CMLTO Voluntary Roster affiliate and did not receive the portfolio link or need further information, please contact CMLTO Registration Department at 416-861-9605 [toll-free in Canada, 1-800-323-9672] ext. 2, or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Voluntary Roster Professional Portfolio Resources

VR Professional Portfolio Tipsheet

VR Professional Portfolio Learning Goal Guideline

VR Self-directed Study Guideline

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