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We care about your care

The Federation of Health Regulatory Colleges of Ontario (FHRCO) is made up of Ontario’s 25 health regulatory colleges, which govern more than 300,000 health professionals. The Colleges support these health care professionals in providing the people of Ontario with safe, competent, and ethical health care; and they hold them accountable for their conduct and practice.

We care about your care. As the bodies that have a mandate to protect the public, your health regulatory Colleges want you to be a better informed health care consumer. To that end, FHRCO has published the following set of articles to help people to become more informed and empowered health care consumers.

Accessing Your Health Records (PDF)
Professional Boundaries (PDF)
Be Clear About "Boundary" Crossings in Health Care Delivery (PDF)
Collaboration Highlights Changing Face of Health Care (PDF)
Custom-Fit Health Care (PDF)
Be an Educated Health Care Consumer (PDF)
Electronic Medical Records Leads to Better Care (PDF)
Good Relationships Can Equal Good Health (PDF)
Make the Most of Your Time with a Health Care Provider (PDF)
Making Informed Health Care Decisions (PDF)
Better Information for Better Health (PDF)
Learning About Your Health Care Provider is a Click Away (PDF)
Patients Are Consumers Too (PDF)
Learning About Your Health Care Provider (PDF)
Getting Your Medical Records (PDF)
Your Health Records (PDF)
Understand the Role of Your Health Care Providers (PDF)

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