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Maintaining Competence

To ensure ongoing competency, each medical laboratory technologist (MLT) makes a commitment to continuous quality improvement. The College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario (CMLTO) provides various member resources and programs to support this goal.

  • Professional Portfolio – helps members to maintain excellence in the profession by promoting ongoing self-reflection and development; mandatory for every practising member (random audits of portfolios are conducted throughout the year).
  • MLT Practice Guidelines – provide MLTs with current best practice advice and information, intended to support (not replace) the exercise of their professional judgment. Practice Guidelines are developed by working groups comprised of members of the College or other stakeholders, reflect both public and professional interests, and are maintained by the CMLTO Quality Assurance Committee.
  • Learning Modules – provide MLTs with additional practice resources to acquire knowledge, skill and judgment relevant to professional growth. Time spent reviewing the modules counts as professional development and may be included in the Professional Portfolio.
  • Professional Enhancement Programs (PEPs) – available to MLTs who are working toward a degree, diploma or advanced certification; also suited to technologists who prefer the structured approach to professional development or practice in an environment where professional development activities are few or infrequent. 

Note: The CMLTO must approve PEPs offered by outside organizations in advance. Currently approved programs include:

Degree/ Diploma Programs

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Professional Enhancement Programs

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To enroll in a program not currently approved by the CMLTO, please submit program information to the CMLTO  for prior approval.

Members working towards a degree, diploma, or advanced certification, should maintain records of successfully completed courses in the Professional Portfolio and record any additional professional development activities in your Professional Development Activity Logs.