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How to become an MLT

Medical laboratory technologists (MLTs) are one of Ontario’s regulated health professions. To practice in Ontario, MLTs must meet strict requirements established by their regulator – the College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario (CMLTO).

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As of 2023, regulatory amendments were made that led to 2 additional pathways to CMLTO registration: As of Right and Emergency Registration Class. Please read below for further details on both:

The As of Right registration pathway was created to expedite the registration process for interjurisdictional practitioners who are individuals practising as MLTs in another regulated province in Canada.

The Emergency registration pathway was enabled to allow for the registration of applicants in situations where the normal CMLTO registration processes are significantly interrupted.

CMLTO staff hosted an engaging and informative webinar on the updates made to CMLTO registration pathways, which you can access here. Please ensure that you fill out all required informational fields in order to view the webinar.

To access a transcript of the webinar in English, click here. A French copy of the transcript is aviable here

As of March 13, 2020


The CMLTO is unable to accommodate unscheduled or ‘drop-in’ visitors until further notice. Signage is posted on the office door with relevant phone and email contact information.

Applicants for registration should not make unscheduled or unannounced visits to the CMLTO office to drop off documents without having made prior arrangements. The CMLTO cannot guarantee that staff will be available to accept documents during office hours.