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Competence Evaluation

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qap_symbol_and_noticeThe Competence Evaluation (CE) is the third component of the CMLTO Quality Assurance Program (QAP) as described by the Medical Laboratory Technology Act, 1991. The purpose of the competence evaluation is to assess a member’s knowledge, skill, and judgment in one or more of the specialties in which the member is registered to practise.

The Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) may require a member to participate in a competence evaluation if it is of the opinion that the member's knowledge, skill, and judgment are unsatisfactory. This decision is based on a review of the member’s professional portfolio, the report of a Practice Review assessment, or any other written information provided to the QAC.

The CE is an in-person assessment facilitated by two Assessors appointed by the QAC. The assessment consists of 15 behavioural and/or situational-based questions based on the CMLTO Standards of Practice for Medical Laboratory Technologists. Members are provided 90 minutes to complete the CE assessment.

Competence Evaluation guiding documents

Frequently asked questions

How are members selected for the CE assessment?
The CMLTO QAC may require a member to participate in a CE assessment if the Committee is of the opinion, based on a review of the member’s portfolio, the results of a practice review or any other relevant written information, that the member’s knowledge, skill, and judgment are unsatisfactory. Members are NOT randomly selected; they are directed by the QAC to participate in the CE assessment.

How are members notified that they must complete the CE assessment?
A member will be notified of the QAC’s decision to participate in a CE assessment by mail and email.

Who are the CMLTO assessors?
Two Assessors are selected by the QAC to administer and report on every CE assessment. Assessors are volunteer CMLTO members who have undergone an annual training program focussed administering and reporting on CE assessments. CE Assessors meet the following requirements:
• is a Practising member in good standing with the CMLTO
• has a minimum of five years of current experience as an MLT
• is not a current member of the CMLTO Council or a Non-Council Committee member
• recognizes and declares any potential conflict of interest
• complies with the requirements and responsibilities outlined in the CMLTO Confidentiality form
• participates in an annual CE Assessor training program.

How can members prepare for the CE assessment?
CMLTO staff will provide the member with all the available CE assessment resources including the CE blueprint, CE member handbook, and the CMLTO Standards of Practice. Members are encouraged to review these documents and to contact CMLTO staff with any questions.

What are the possible CE assessment outcomes?
In accordance with the Medical Laboratory Technology Act, 1991, the Quality Assurance Committee may take no further action or it may exercise one or more of the powers provided to the Committee under section 80.2 of the Health Professions Procedural Code.  O. Reg. 142/10, s. 1. Click here for more information.