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Refresher Courses

The CMLTO provides a list of approved refresher courses at the bottom of this page.
Refresher course hours may be required for a person applying for a Practising class of registration certificate who cannot demonstrate active engagement, or for a Non-practising member who wishes to change class to Practising. 

The completion of refresher courses must be within the three years preceding the application.

The required number of refresher course hours depends on the number of years a member or applicant has been away from the medical laboratory technology profession.

One or more courses may be taken to achieve the required number of hours.
The standard number of required hours is 90, though some of these hours may be exempted for those who have been away from the profession for less than six years. The following chart outlines the requirements.


Number of years

away from practice

Minimum number of refresher

course hours required

> 6 90
3 - 6 60


Other courses may be submitted to the CMLTO Registration Committee for consideration for approval prior to enrollment in the course (the course must have an evaluation component and be related to medical laboratory science).