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Suspension for Non-Payment

Late Submission Penalty

Members of the College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario (CMLTO) are required to pay the annual registration renewal fee by December 31st each year in order to avoid the late submission penalty. For information about fees and penalties, go to this page.

Notice of Intention to Suspend

If a member fails to submit his or her annual registration renewal fee by December 31, the Registrar & CEO may give the member notice of intention to suspend his or her certificate of registration. Thirty days after notice is given, the Registrar & CEO may proceed with suspension for failure to pay the required fee.

Suspension of Certificate of Registration

If a member’s certificate of registration is suspended, the Registrar & CEO will notify the member and any employers by mail.

Upon suspension, the certificate of registration expires, and the former member is no longer authorized to practise medical laboratory technology in Ontario.

A permanent notation of the suspension will appear in the medical laboratory technologist’s record in the CMLTO’s public register. A list containing the names of all suspended medical laboratory technologists will be published in the FOCUS newsletter.

A person whose certificate of registration has been suspended may apply to the Registrar & CEO for reinstatement of his/her membership any time within three years from the date on which he/she was suspended. If the suspension is not lifted within three years, the certificate of registration shall be revoked.


Adapted with permission from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.