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Practice Review

Practice Review is a mandatory component of the Quality Assurance Program at the College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario (CMLTO). Its purpose is to provide an objective assessment of a member's professional practice.

Selected members must answer 25 questions, online, related to the CMLTO standards of practice and the application of professional knowledge, skill and judgment. Case scenarios address situations in which medical laboratory technologists (MLTs) may find themselves while practising in the profession.

To prepare for Practice Review, members can use the Professional Practice Learning Modules available on the CMLTO website.

Practice Review Process

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Frequently asked questions

Question: What happens if I get audited?

Answer: The Practice Review audit process is described below.

  1. Members are randomly selected annually from the membership database for a Practice Review audit.
  2. Members are notified by mail and email that they have been selected for a Practice Review audit.
  3. Members are advised to review the Professional Practice Learning Program modules on the CMLTO website prior to attempting the Practice Review online assessment.
  4. Members complete the Practice Review online assessment tool. On average, members spend one hour reviewing the Professional Practice Learning Program modules, and one hour completing the Practice Review online assessment.
  5. Once the Practice Review online assessment is complete and the member submits the final responses, QAP staff members confirm the results.
  6. A summary report is emailed or sent by email to the member, along with a Quality Assurance pin to successful members.
  7. If the member does not complete the Practice Review audit or does not respond to the CMLTO about their audit, their file is referred to the Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) for further recommendations and actions.


Question: Is the Quality Assurance Program mandatory?

Answer: The program is mandatory for all CMLTO Practising members, regardless of employment status.

Question: How are members selected for audits?

Answer: Members are randomly selected annually from the membership database for Professional Portfolio audit. The audit criteria approved by the Quality Assurance Committee is:

  • All members who hold a Practising certificate of registration are eligible for Practice Review.
  • Members who have already been selected for Professional Portfolio audit in the same calendar year are excluded.


Question: What is the difference between the Professional Portfolio and Practice Review audit?

Answer: The Professional Portfolio audit directs members to submit their self-assessment, set goals, and complete and record a minimum of 30 hours of activity focussed on new learning. The Practice Review audit directs members to answer 25 case study questions focussed on the learning modules presented on the CMLTO website.

Question: What happens if a member cannot meet the submission deadline?

Answer: It is recognized that sometimes members’ personal or professional circumstances do not allow them to submit their audit information by the submission deadline. In extenuating circumstances, written (e-mail, fax or letter) requests to delay the date of submission will be considered in accordance with CMLTO policy.

Question: Is the member’s employer notified when the member is being audited?

Answer: Employers are not informed when a member is being audited. The legislation requires all information collected during an audit remain confidential. This information cannot be used for other purposes, even by other CMLTO Statutory Committees.

Question: How are the submission deadlines decided?

Answer: Deadlines for submitting audit information are based on the Medical Laboratory Technology Act, 1991 and internal CMLTO Quality Assurance Committee policies.

Question: What is the pass criteria for the Practice Review and what if I don’t meet the Practice Review criteria?

Answer: To pass the Practice Review audit, members need to achieve a score of 60% or over in at least three of the five areas in the online assessment AND score 60% or over on the entire assessment. The member will be provided an opportunity to learn more about the topic areas they did not do as well in and submit another Practice Review. In some cases, a member’s file may go before the Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) for further recommendations and actions.

Quality Assurance program contact information
For further information about the CMLTO Quality Assurance Program, click This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or call 416-861-9605, extension 227.