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Council and Committee Members

2020 Council, as of January 1, 2020


Jon Fawcett District 2
Vice-President Helen Meaney District 3
Vice-President  Tammie Rix
Public Appointee
Elected Members

Josh Lewis District 1
Currently vacant District 2
Gaspare (Rino) Bonsignore District 3
Tammy Earle District 3
Paula Curti District 4
George Broukhanski District 4
Karen Persad District 5
Gamal Badawoy District 6
Currently vacant District 7
Currently vacant District 8
Robin Thompson-McAvoy Academic member
Public Appointees
Cassela Mills
Ariel Lo-Wong
Matthew Mackenzie
Rohini Soni
Heather Butt
Walter Hewus

Please click here to view a current list (PDF) of 2020 Statutory Committee Appointments.